Created for community, July 22


Created for community 

During this summer we focus on one of the Psalms in every church service of ICF-Delft. Psalms are beautiful hymns, reflecting on heights and depths of life and often they express the longing for God. This Sunday we read Psalm 133 that starts with the words: ‘How good and pleasant is it when brothers dwell in unity’.  

This psalm is about community and we all know how essential it is. It is nearly impossible to grow, develop and to express ourselves without taking part in a community.  As soon as we confess Christ as our Lord and Saviour, we belong to a new community (whether we like it or not!). Not just an interesting club or a temporary fellowship, but a family of brothers and sisters given to one another and living with one another.  

Psalm 133 refers to the blessing connected with such a community. It is new and fresh and contains the promise of life. It is joyful but not always easy to belong to it! 

Learn more about this community, how to contribute to it and how to benefit from it, in the service of ICF-Delft on 22 July, 12 hrs 15 in the Génestetchurch, Oude Delft 102.  

Pastor Niek Tramper