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growing up in Jesus

Growing up in Jesus (Colossians 1,12-23)

How can a super-diverse and multi-ethical community grow towards adulthood? Often this law applies: the more diverse a community, the…

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Thank God!

Thank God! To focus on positive things can help us to overcome the negative. But what if the negative are…

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Warm greetings!

Warm greetings! Sunday, 10 May | Time: 12.30h Who wouldn’t like to receive a message from a friend? Such a message shows…

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A Kaleidoscopic View

A Kaleidoscopic View Sunday, 3 May | Time: 12.30h Have you ever looked through a kaleidoscope, a small telescope-like tube with multiple…

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Back to Galilee: being missionaries in our daily lives

Back to Galilee: being missionaries in our daily lives Sunday, 26 April | Time: 12.30h The mission to go out and…

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Sermon on the mount

Kingdom unleashed

Upcoming Sunday we will read Matthew 28 : 16 – 20. For Christians a familiar passage. But this Sunday we…

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Easter services

Ultimate isolation & ultimate community Friday, 10 April | Time: 19.30h | Live on zoom None of us likes it to be…

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The meaning of Jesus’ passion

The meaning of Jesus’ passion As you know, Jesus has suffered a lot. But why? What was the reason? And…

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A clash of kingdoms

A clash of kingdoms When Moses and Aaron started to preach and announce the Kingdom of God -while Pharaoh was…

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The upside-down Kingdom

The upside-down Kingdom When God’s Kingdom enters into our world, our thinking about great and small, priorities, important and unimportant,…

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