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Church Activities and COVID-19 virus

Church Activities and COVID-19 virus As the Dutch government has announced new measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 this…

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Responses to the King(dom)

Responses to the King(dom) When a good vaccine against the COVD-virus would be available, soon most of us would make…

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Good Friday and Easter

How do we look like Jesus?

After the loving and kind encouragement of His disciples, by which Jesus prepares them for the hardship of the service…

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Bringing the Kingdom into lives

Matthew 8-9 After delivering his famous sermon on the mount, the big question is: how is this ’new covenant’ going…

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Jesus: his promising and problematic message

Jesus: his promising and problematic message This Sunday we listen to the message of Jesus: a promising and problematic message….

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Open Bible

Jesus, his mission and character

Matthew 2-4 Observe that there are all kind of similarities between the story of Moses and that of Jesus in…

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Jesus, his family and name

When you become a member of a family, your name is connected to the names, the history, the fame and…

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growing up in Jesus

God’s presence makes us prosper through suffering, 5 January 2020

This coming Sunday, 5th of January we welcome HaeShin Yoo to share God’s word with us. Be most welcome at the…

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Join the Christmas Service

You’re invited to our Christmas Service on Wednesday December 25th, in the New Church in Delft. When:    25 December…

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How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place

Coming Sunday we listen to pastor Christiaan Olie where he will bring a message about Exodus 25 and Gods dwelling…

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