Why we need Jesus, April 8


Why we need Jesus 

What do you need most in daily life? Some will say: ‘What I need most is good health, so that I am able to do my work, to continue my study and to prepare for my future. Maybe others say: ‘First of all good friends because they help me to feel at ease and to cope with uncertainties.’ There is a lot that we need: health, friends, family, finances, an apartment or house, work, … 

In the service of ICF-Delft this Sunday we face a need that is greater than the needs mentioned. It is our spiritual and eternal need, our relationship with God. The question that we face is this: ‘Why do we need Jesus?’ Many people acknowledge that Jesus is important, that his words are wise, his example magnificent. That he is one of the most important religious leaders. But that is not the reason why we need him above all. What this reason is we want to explore when we focus on chapter 24 of the Gospel of Luke (verses 23 – 35). This is about a special and crucial story. Jesus meets with two lonely and sad walkers on their way But what exactly is their home? Come and see and get yourself convinced in Génestet Church, Oude Delft 102, 12 hrs 15.

Pastor Niek Tramper