How to deal with restlessness

Scripture: Psalm 2
Series: Pray with the King
Speaker: Jos Slager
Date: 19-09-2021

Spend ten minutes on Twitter and probably you will have found some things that make you angry. Regardless from which bubble you read the tweets. How can people say and do such foolish things? Incredible! Someone should do something about it! We really wonder: why? Why are people like this? This is not only the world we live in. We are part of that world. Whereas the world can have questions for God: God, why? – we should be aware that God has his’ why? – for us, also for me. We live in a restless world and we are part of that world.

Upcoming Sunday we read Psalm 2, a Psalm about that restless world. How can we deal with the restlessness outside and inside? How can we pray in such a world and find rest for our souls? You are so welcome to learn more!