‘Erudite & Believer’ (IV) Use your talents! 12 May 2019

‘Erudite & Believer’ (IV) Use your talents!

Coming Sunday we will have the next service in our series ‘Erudite & Believer’. In each theme service a TU scientist shares from his experience what it means to be both scientist and believer. This Sunday we meet prof. dr. J. (Hans) Hellendoorn. He is head of the department Cognitive Robotics and his field of research ‘Multi-agent control of large-scale hybrid systems’ (more info: https://www.tudelft.nl/staff/j.hellendoorn/). This Sunday he will talk from Matthew 25. The theme of his sermon is: Use your talents!

Come and hear more in the service of ICF Delft Sunday, 12th of May at 12 hrs 30 in the New Church (Market).