Reasons to rejoice – Farewell service on 22 September

In this service – saying farewell to ICF-Delft – I want to explore the reasons for continuing joy. Everybody of us knows moments of joy, but also the moments of absence of joy. And saying farewell might be one. How is it possible to ‘be joyful always’, as the apostle Paul says in his letter to the Thessalonians (1 Thess. 5 verse 16)?

According to the apostle the secret of lasting joy is not what we experience or do. It is the faith that we don’t belong to ourselves but belong to Somebody who gave his life for us, and who promised to make everything new. Through Him, the bright, joyful spots, as well as the dark, sad spots are brought together in one painting-of-hope. To be able to see and experience this, we need ‘places of practice’, where God wants to make us see.

Hear, see more about it in the service in the New Church on Sunday 22 September, 12 hrs 30.

My wife Jenny and I look forward to meeting you in the service and to have a little moment of farewell after the service!

Pastor Niek