Series of sermons January and February

Series of sermons

‘The Kingdom of heaven is at hand!’
In this and next months in ICF-Delft we want to focus again on the gospels, in particular what Jesus tells us about the coming Kingdom, and the abundance of grace manifest in it. Especially the parables of Jesus are very instructive and moving. They parables can be connected with recognizable situations in our context, and throw the full light on the deep problem of sin and on the greatness of God’s grace.

‘Erudite and Believer’
We also want to ask scientists and researchers (of TU and maybe other universities) who are professing Christians, to help us understand fundamental themes in the Bible, and to show how they combine their life as a scientist with their belief in God and Jesus. This will happen in a monthly theme-service. These will be announced in the Newsletter. If you still have questions, or want to contribute in the theme servicee, don’t hesitate to contact us. Welcome to share your ideas!

The pastors Hans-Jan, Simon and Niek