The Impact of the Gospel

The Impact of the Gospel

Last Sunday we heard about the great impact of the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, in the city of Thessalonica in Greece. It meant a radical change in the lives of many in the city.

What does this change mean in the reality of day-to-day life? We see in the life of the apostle Paul himself, how meeting Jesus brought away a change in his life style and life goals. From aiming at a career as a religious leader, he became a servant of Jesus focused on the salvation and the flowering of others.

How has the gospel impacted us? What do people around see when they look at the church? Do they feel attracted to meet people who are different and humbly make a difference in life? See, hear and explore more about this in the church service of ICF-Delft coming Sunday.

Looking forward to seeing you in the New Church, Sunday 8 September, 12 hrs 30!

Pastor Niek Tramper