What reward do you expect?

It is reasonable to expect a reward for the work we have done. The reward is there in the form of payment of salary, receiving good notes after an exam, but also appreciation or a heartfelt ‘thank you’. But what if we feel treated unjustly? What, if we have worked hard and no fruits of appreciation and acknowledgement appear?

This Sunday we read another parable of Jesus (Matthew 20 vs. 1-16) that must have shocked and surprised the people around him. Jesus shows that the biggest reward is not in the payment for our achievements, but in what we received unexpectedly as a generous gift.

Thinking through our main life goal: what is the most glorious and honourable reward we can ever receive? If there is a lasting reward, the question is how we can receive this! See, hear more in the service of ICF-Delft on Sunday 17 February.

Looking forward to meeting you this Sunday, pastor Niek Tramper