A Changed Life

In our short series from the story of the family of Jacob we have seen the intense conflict between Joseph and the rest of his brothers, conflict that came to the point of wishing him dead.

Last week the we saw the life of Judah turned around under remarkable circumstances. But what about Joseph? He was a seventeen-year-old boy sold into slavery. His dreams of ruling, reigning and blessing are shattered. Could his fortunes get even worse? That is certainly what seems to happen in the next chapter. Others are getting the blessing but Joseph is going even further into trouble.

Can we even begin to think about what must have gone through Joseph’s mind? This was not just a few months or a couple of years. It would be about thirteen years before his fortunes would begin to change. How might we understand this suffering?

The seventeen-year-old boy of Genesis chapter 37 is a changed man. This week we will look further at how God was at work in Joseph’s life, not just for his sake, but for the sake of his fractured family and for all the families of the earth.

Bob Landon

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Fractured Family – Ripped Garments – Shattered Dreams

If the Lord is willing, this coming Sunday we will begin a short series of sermons from the last major section of Genesis, from chapter 37 to the end of the book, often called “The Joseph Story.” There will not be time to finish the entire story, but what we do cover we will look at in some depth.

This narrative is a masterpiece of writing. It is a fascinating, thrilling, surprising even shocking account of the chosen, premier, covenant family of God. As one commentator has written, members of this family are destined to be “divine image bearers of God, reflecting, resembling, and representing their Heavenly Father to His glory.” (DeRouchie)

But there is a major problem. Just look at this family! There is cheating, lying, jealousy, hatred, incest and even murder emanating from this pack of rogues.

Divine image bearers of God? Reflecting, resembling and representing God’s glory?

Come and listen to the first part of this narrative as the Lord begins to implement His magnificent plan. There is perhaps a surprise ending in store as well!
Bob Landon

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Creation Care

The theme for coming sunday (may 28th) is ‘creation care’. After reading the story of creation (Genesis 1), I would like to answer this question: “How can the biblical belief that everything we know is the result of creation help us to do our scientific work?” In the service we will also share our experiences and pray for our daily work as christian researchers at TU Delft or Unesco. You are invited!