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Fractured Family – Ripped Garments – Shattered Dreams

If the Lord is willing, this coming Sunday we will begin a short series of sermons from the last major section of Genesis, from chapter 37 to the end of the book, often called “The Joseph Story.” There will not be time to finish the entire story, but what we do cover we will look at in some depth.

This narrative is a masterpiece of writing. It is a fascinating, thrilling, surprising even shocking account of the chosen, premier, covenant family of God. As one commentator has written, members of this family are destined to be “divine image bearers of God, reflecting, resembling, and representing their Heavenly Father to His glory.” (DeRouchie)

But there is a major problem. Just look at this family! There is cheating, lying, jealousy, hatred, incest and even murder emanating from this pack of rogues.

Divine image bearers of God? Reflecting, resembling and representing God’s glory?

Come and listen to the first part of this narrative as the Lord begins to implement His magnificent plan. There is perhaps a surprise ending in store as well!
Bob Landon

Treasure Seekers – in person

This week the kids look at the next episode from Genesis, a famous story about God’s judgement and salvation.

During the ICF Delft service, children leave for their own Bible teaching at Treasure Seekers part-way through the service, after the kids’ song, and rejoin for the final song of the service.  The creche room is also available for 0-2 year olds. For those not attending ICFD in person, we’ll continue to send materials by email.

Please note that on Sunday 1 August there will be no in-person kids activities.

This Sunday 25th, the kids’ Bible passage is Genesis 6:5 – 8:22 and 9:8-17.  The Big Idea is that God punished human rebellion with a flood, but saved Noah and his family. Here is a video telling the story.  The kids’ song is: “Our God is King Over All the World”

The memory verse is Romans 3:23:

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” [NIV]



Date:25 July 2021
Time:12:30 pm
Location:Youtube Live Stream / New Church Delft
Speaker:Bob Landon