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From Jerusalem to Emmaus and Back

Believing that Jesus rose from the dead requires proof. Fortunately for us, the Easter stories have a lot of focus on that. The best evidence comes in the form of eyewitness testimony. Next Sunday we will read the story of the Emmaus disciples and consider what evidence convinced them of Jesus’ resurrection.  And also: what do you need to (continue to) believe in Jesus’ resurrection from the dead?
You are so welcome in next Sundays service!



n the coming weeks, the kids at ICF Delft finish the book of Acts.  They learn how the message of Easter went out to the whole (Roman) world, through the speaking of Jesus’s apostles!  Please can Explorers kids bring their bibles?
Title: Crispus and Titius Justus
Text: Acts 18:1-17Big Idea: The Jews in Corinth opposed Paul and the gospel, but he stayed there anyway because God had promised to save many people.
Aim: To teach that God has chosen people to believe and be saved, so we must keep telling everyone about Jesus despite discouragements.


Date:7 April 2024
Time:12:30 pm
Location:New Church Delft
Speaker:Hans-Jan Roosenbrand

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