When righteousness has a price

Most of us live in great freedom. We enjoy freedom of speech. Although others may disagree with what we think and say, we are tolerated and we tolerate others. But what if standing for righteousness would have a price. Would we, would I be willing to pay that price? For many across the world, this is not a theoretical question. Upcoming Sunday we read the story about Jesus, Pilate and Barabbas. And we see how righteousness had and still has a price.

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Righteousness revealed

Most of us long to live a life with impact. We want to contribute to a better world. To help solve problems. To contribute to others. But what if we discover one day that the problems are not only outside, but also in us – far more than we could ever have imagined? In this period we prepare for celebrating Christmas. Jesus was born in this world to reveal true righteousness. And to deal with our problems herein. Upcoming Sunday we will read II Samuel 12. Here David’s eyes are opened for what God saw, when He looked at David.

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