Start of a new series: Persevere with Peter

How do we survive in a life full of setbacks and disappointments? What keeps you going? What do we need to stay on the road to salvation? And what does that road, or such a life then look like? Peter, follower of Jesus Christ and leader from the very beginning, writes a powerful letter about these important questions. He addresses his readers – including us in the coming weeks – as follows: “strangers living in exile.” Next Sunday we will read the opening verses. Three words stand out and are worth remembering: priesthood, praise and joy.


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Salvation in Buddhism, May 13

‘Salvation in Buddhism’

One of the deepest thinkers on the subject of suffering was Buddha. Next Sunday we continue the series of services about salvation and the world religions. What can we learn from the teachings of Buddha and what is the Christian answer to the problem of suffering?

We look forward to see you coming Sunday in the Génestet Church, Oude Delft 102, 12 hrs 15 and discover together more about what Rev. Hans-Jan Roosenbrand will tell us about this topic!

The Gospel in a multi-religious society Salvation and the Muslim concept of Sharia 29 April

Salvation and the Muslim concept of Sharia

Islam has been in the news often in the last couple of decades. Christian-Muslim
relationships often are not without tensions, but what happens when Muslims and
Christians have a serious encounter and talk about salvation?

Superficially Muslims and Christians seem to have much in common: the belief in a God who
is the Creator; God’s revelation in holy writings, the belief in final judgment, prophets,
angels, and also Jesus who did miracles and will return on earth.
Nevertheless when it comes to central questions like the character of God, the nature of sin
and the way of salvation, Muslims and Christians diverge widely. In the Muslim-Christian
encounter the big question arises: Allah or Jesus? For Muslims aqeeda (what they need to
believe) and sharia (how they ought to live) is essential. But what do Christians mean when
they confess that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life?

In the service of ICF-Delft on Sunday 29th April we explore crucial questions about the way
of salvation, and the character of grace, based on the Gospel of John (chapter 14 verses 1 –
17). For example: Why did God create us and for what did He designate us? How do we find
peace with God and true hope for the future? How shall we escape condemnation at eternal

Why not inviting your Muslim friends or colleagues to join you for this Sunday service? They
are very welcome, and we are glad to engage them in further discussion over tea and coffee
after the service! The service starts at 12 hrs 15 in de Génestetkerk, Oude Delft 102.

Pastor Niek Tramper

Salvation in a Multi Religious World, April 22

‘Salvation in a Multi Religious World’

What is the salvation that Jesus brings to the world? We live in a multi religious world, so we hear different stories on salvation. How do Hindus speak about salvation? If we compare this with what Jesus offers, what do we get? In a series of three sermons we think about salvation in Christianity compared to Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. Coming Sunday we start with the origin of Hinduism: the sacrifices of the Vedic religion.
The sermon will be about Acts 14,8-20.

Hear, see more in the church service of ICF Delft coming Sunday 22 April in the Génestetchurch, Oude Delft 102, 12 hrs 15.

Pastor Simon van der Lugt