Understanding grace

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It is not easy to be dependent on the grace of somebody else. Everybody longs to be independent and free in making their own choices. Still understanding grace is crucial in life. It is the heart of the Good News of God and the main topic in upcoming service in ICF-Delft. Discover its relevance coming Sunday (Génestet Church, Oude Delft 102, 12 hrs 15).

Understanding grace is not easy, but we are debtors to many who invested in us. Because they gave us room to live and to develop ourselves. They loved, supported, affirmed and if necessary corrected and educated us. What we received through them is a free gift. Still we are debtors to them because we owe them a life of thankfulness.

What about God who showed his love to us in many remarkable ways, while we didn’t deserve it at all? We are debtors to his unconditional love that He revealed in the Lord Jesus. Seeing the fulness of  his grace makes us silent. Because what can we pay back? Nothing except our thankfulness of this forgiveness and love. If we really know from what utter lostness He rescued us, we cannot stop thanking him for what He did.

Understanding grace is at stake in the ICF-Delft service on Sunday 13 August. The Scripture passage that we are going to read is Acts 15. This passage tells about a crucial meeting bringing a double victory. First a victory of truth confirming the Gospel of grace, and second a victory of love, preventing the early church from falling into fragmentation. How is it possible that this report of a meeting nearly 2000 years ago turns out to be a very relevant and actual story. Come and see what it means for our walk with God and with the people around!