The Gospel Goes On

The Roman emperor Nero once tried to get rid of all Christians in his city and in his empire. He hated their `Gospel’, their `Good news, there has been a change-of-rule – message’. Though they respected him and prayed for him, he knew they were speaking about another Lord, called `Jesus Christ’. Many Christians were tortured, thrown to the lions, burnt… But the Gospel they proclaimed went on. It still does. Throughout history many attempts have been made to stop this ongoing Gospel. But it seems that the more it was tried to stop it, the more it came back. Think of Russia, China, Iran and other countries where this was or is tried and where we however see a vibrant Christianity.

Upcoming Sunday we read Mark 16:9-20 and learn more about how the Gospel goes on and how you can be part of it. Invite others, join and be very welcome!


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Look at Jesus – What do you see?

Due to the current situation, at times we feel tired. And we feel unrest. Sometimes we feel our spiritual batteries are not loaded as they used to be. Apparently we need more than healthy food, body exercise, work and sleep. Our souls are hungry for more. For hope. For beauty. For excitement.

Upcoming Sunday we will see how we can satisfy our hungry souls by looking at Jesus. We invite you to join the online service.

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The Result of Gospel Faith: True Rest

It seems the most alarming situation one can imagine: a child that is nearly dying. Not a single second can be lost! But when Jesus is underway to heal a twelve years old girl, there is someone else who gets his attention. The father of the girl is totally desperate. But Jesus shows: where He comes, He brings true rest. Whatever the circumstances are in our lives, we always can have full faith in the Gospel. Jesus brings true rest, also to us!


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Humanity restored, sent as witnesses

A man once came up to Jesus, who was totally obsessed by the powers that had taken over his country. Phantom invaders had taken over his humanity. They had given him a superhuman strength but had left him a human wreck: naked, isolated, self-destructive. Mark tells us that the encounter with Jesus had a major impact: the man was healed and sent out. Coming Sunday we will consider the story of Mark 5. And think about what can happen when Jesus enters our world today.

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No one escapes from discouragement and setback these days. How to deal with these? What keeps you going? Upcoming Sunday we look at Jesus. His newly begun movement faced a lot of resistance, misunderstanding and hostility. But he kept going. Unstoppable. What motivated him? Can this also motivate us and keep us going? We warmly invite you to join upcoming Sunday’s service. And we ask you to take a moment to invite others to watch and enjoy this service.


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Surprising good news for a New Year

When a new year starts, we can use some good news, don’t we? We have heard so much bad news last year. And faced so many disappointments. We really hope for a good new year.

Upcoming Sunday we start a new sermon series, called Discover Jesus with Mark. Weekly we will read from Mark’s Gospel. Gospel means `good news’. Then what is the good news we should know about?

Come and discover it upcoming Sunday. Join the livestream – and invite others that they may also watch our services.

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Invitation: Discover Jesus with Mark

A question for you: have you ever read the Bible with friends who were not familiar with Christianity? I have. And for me it was so exciting, refreshing and wonderful.

When I was a student, we decided with a few Christian students to try to form a group. Our aim was to read the Bible with non-Christians who would be interested to discover the Bible. And yes, we managed to get a group that lasted for years and we had a great time.

Now perhaps on the one hand you like the idea. But on the other hand, you don’t feel sure about yourself. Will you be able to answer all the difficult questions? How can you find people who are interested? Good questions!

Now I have a challenge for you, when a new year is beginning: could you start such a group? The question of course is: where to start? Perhaps here: pray and ask God whether this might be something for you. Try to discover with whom you could start such a (small) group.

In January, at ICF-Delft, we’ll start a new sermon series, called `Discover Jesus with Mark’. All the sermons will be available as podcasts in our sermon library afterwards. And also material to discuss the passage (but feel free to do it your own way!). My purpose with this series is not only to preach this Gospel and to show you how mindblowing it is. My purpose is also to enable you to get familiar with Mark’s Gospel, so that you will feel equipped and enabled to guide others through it.

So when you listen to the sermons, my question would not only be: did you grasp the message? But also: did it enable you to understand how the passages work, so that you feel equipped to guide others through Mark’s Gospel?

If you like the idea, I propose that you take some time now to:

a) become familiar with Mark’s Gospel

b) find out with whom you can lead a discovery group

c) connect with non-Christians and learn how you can connect them to your group

If you are interested, please let me know. To be continued!

warm greetings,

Jos Slager