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Look at Jesus – What do you see?

Due to the current situation, at times we feel tired. And we feel unrest. Sometimes we feel our spiritual batteries are not loaded as they used to be. Apparently we need more than healthy food, body exercise, work and sleep. Our souls are hungry for more. For hope. For beauty. For excitement.

Upcoming Sunday we will see how we can satisfy our hungry souls by looking at Jesus. We invite you to join the online service.

The Children’s Ministry | 12:30 pm

Easter is approaching!  Treasure Seekers continues to look at Jesus as King, now through the eyes of Peter, one of Jesus’ closest friends. We explore Peter’s growing understanding of what it means for Jesus to be a King and a friend.

This Sunday, 7 March, the Bible passage is Matthew 14:22-33.  The Big Idea is that Jesus shows his power over a dangerous situation by rescuing Peter and so the disciples worship him as the Son of God.

Here is an animated video telling the Bible story: You could apply the passage by reminding your children of Jesus’ great power and asking why we can trust him in scary or difficult situations.

The kids’ song is He’s the King of Kings (Who is this Man?).  Here it is on youtube


Date:7 March 2021
Time:12:30 pm
Location:Youtube Live Stream / New Church Delft
Speaker:Jos Slager