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`Which problem in the world concerns you the most?’ Every Thursday this is one of the questions we ask students at the TU Campus with `Student Life’. Interesting question, isn’t it? Some say: ongoing wars. Others say: climate change. Some say: AI, or: overpopulation. What would your answer be? Upcoming Sunday we will continue to read the book of the prophet Isaiah, Chapter 7. We will see that Isaiah gave a surprising answer to this question. You are so welcome to come and to learn more!



Following the bible bite during the service this Sunday, the kids may go to their Treasure Seekers groups.  For Explorers kids: please can your child(ren) bring a bible?Lesson Title: Elisha and the WidowText: 2 Kings 4:1-7Big Idea: Elisha miraculously made one jar of oil fill many jars so that a widow could pay off her debts and keep her sons from being enslaved.Aim: To teach that God generously provides what is needed to give his people a hope and a future.


Date:19 November 2023
Time:12:30 pm
Location:New Church Delft
Speaker:Jos Slager