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We all need sleep. However, to fall asleep can sometimes be very dangerous. When you are the taxi driver, you ought not to fall asleep while driving, since that would have deadly consequences. Upcoming Sunday we will read the opening chapter of Isaiah’s prophetic book. It contains a wake up call for the people of God. In Isaiah’s time, God’s people had fallen asleep spiritually. And the consequences had already been deadly. But Isaiah was sent to give a wake up call. A wake up call, that still needed and relevant. For the church and for the world of today. You are so welcome to learn more, upcoming Sunday!

Pastor Jos Slager


Having learned about King David, the kids at ICF Delft continue with David’s son, King Solomon.  David was the one who received God’s covenant promise, but Solomon was the one who built the temple.Following the bible bite during the service, the kids may go to their Treasure Seekers groups.  For Explorers kids: please can your child(ren) bring a bible with them?The bible bite’s song this week is “God used to dwell in a house among his people (Brick After Brick)” by Sovereign Grace Music.  Your kids might like to practice the “brick laying” actions like in this video.

Lesson Title: Solomon’s WisdomText: 1 Kings 3:1-28Big Idea: Solomon was able to rule his people fairly as king because God granted him the wisdom that he asked for.Aim: To teach that God’s people need a wise king to rule over them.



Date:1 October 2023
Time:12:30 pm
Location:New Church Delft
Speaker:Jos Slager

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