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Does God care?!

When the sun shines in our lives and everything goes smooth, we might say: thank God! But what if a storm arises? What if you feel yourself sinking? What if things get worse, rather than better? If you have faced this – or are facing it now – join the upcoming service. If not: also join.

For one day you might face it – and you would better be prepared! We will read from Mark’s Gospel: 4:36-41.


The Children’s Ministry | 12:30 pm

On 14 February the Treasure Seekers bible passage is Mark 3:1-16. The big idea is that Jesus does good by healing a man on the Sabbath, but the religious leaders plot to kill him because he broke one of their rules.

The kids’ song is He’s the King of Kings (Who is this Man?).  Here it is on youtube


Date:14 February 2021
Time:12:30 pm
Location:Youtube Live Stream
Speaker:Jos Slager