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Which animal is bigger – the mouse, or the elephant? Easy question! Which problem is bigger – your house on fire, or your mouth telling a lie about someone? Well… What is a bigger gift – someone heals from cancer, or God forgives someone’s sins? Hmmm… Which challenge is bigger – to walk 40 kilometres in a day, or to be happy in God on a day that many things go wrong? These may be harder questions. And it is good for us to think about harder questions – both for adults and for kids. Upcoming Sunday we have an all-age service. We start a new sermon series on the book of Isaiah. We will read Chapter 6. Israel faced huge problems. Their king died. Enemies were approaching. But then Isaiah sees God. He discovers that there are bigger things that needed his’ and our attention. You are so welcome to learn more!

ALL-AGE SERVICE – WHAT AND WHY?Upcoming Sunday, Lord willing, we will have an all-age service. Since this is still a bit new for us (and we need to learn and to improve of this), a few questions and answers about `all-age services’:1)    Why an all-age service? Throughout the Bible, Old- and New testament, we see that when the people of God gathered and listened to the Lord, speaking to the people, the children were also present. (See for instance Joshua 8:35, II Chronicles 20:13, Matthew 19:13-15). For many reasons, it is good for adults that children are present; and good for children to be allowed to be among the adults. But because we are not so used to it, it requires some exercise: for parents, to keep the children a bit quiet, for adults to be a bit understanding if children are not completely silent and a bit vivid, for all, to make mutual connections and to appreciate that we may together listen to the Word of God.2)    Is an all-age service the same as a children’s service? No. A children’s service is a service for children. An all-age service aims to bring the Word of God in such a way, that everyone receives what God has to say to us. On the level of the mind, it may be simpler than we are used to. But on the level of the heart, it will be similar to all other services, aiming to touch our hearts by what we learn and to transform our lives through hearing the Gospel.3)     How can I prepare? All of us can pray for God’s help and blessing as the service is prepared. Parents may bring some colored pencils for their own children and for parents who forgot to bring these. And they can talk with the children about this service.4)    What if my child finds it boring? To listen to the Word of God and to learn to appreciate it, is a learning process. The preacher will aim more than usual to make the message understandable and applicable for the children. Still, yourchild may think, express or say that he or she finds it boring. Rather than agree with your child, you may try to help your child to listen. To listen is also something that we have to learn. If we don’t learn it as children, how will we be able to listen when we are adults?5)    I am a single worker / student – should I come? Sure! The service aims to include children, but not in such a way that single adults might feel excluded.6)    What can I expect? You can expect a normal church service. The same pattern. The same goals. However, some songs and the preaching will be bi-lingual. There will be some interaction with the children. And the sermon will be split up into two smaller parts.7)    Questions/feedback/suggestions? Always welcome! You may send an email to pastor@icfdelft.nl




Date:24 September 2023
Time:12:30 pm
Location:New Church Delft
Speaker:Jos Slager