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Who can we trust to shepherd our lives?

This Sunday we listen to a passage from the gospel of Matthew in which he tells us about Jesus going around in the cities and villages of the northern part of Israel, Galilee. Jesus sees the people around, that they are weary and burdened. Like sheep without a shepherd. At a certain moment He cries out: ‘Come to Me, take my yoke on you, and you will find rest for your soul’.

Noticing the burdens of the people at that time, we also remind ourselves about our own burdens. Like expectations of others and of ourselves, targets that press us, concerns, sins, frustrations with others and with ourselves. Where shall we find rest?

Welcome to the service to investigate the arguments why so many leaders today leave us out in the cold, and why Jesus is really able to meet our needs. Because He once proclaimed himself not only as the true shepherd, He actually is. Because He is alive and wants us to live.

See you this Sunday in the New Church, the service starts at 12 hrs30.


Date:11 February 2024
Time:12:30 pm
Location:New Church Delft
Speaker:Niek Tramper

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