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The Tested King

Before you chose to spend time, money or energy with something, somewhere or with someone, you may first want to read some reviews. You don’t want to be deceived. You don’t want to waste your resources. You don’t want to be naive. The Christian Gospel is a message of salvation and eternal life. It promises God’s forgiveness, newness of life, entrance into God’s Kingdom. But it requires that we surrender to Jesus as Saviour and Lord, unconditionally to his words, his works and his person. That is a big step. Shouldn’t we first test Jesus, before we commit our lives to him? The good news that we will read and hear upcoming Sunday, is that the Lord Jesus has been severely tested. We have a tested King. Jesus, the King, passed the test with flying colours. Upcoming Sunday we will learn more about how that is good and important news for us, with a practical application for our lives. You are so welcome to join and to learn more!

All-age service
Upcoming Sunday’s church service will be an all-age service. Once every quarter we have such a service, wherein the children stay in the service. It is a blessing that the Lord entrusts a growing number of children to our congregation. On regular Sundays they receive age-appropriate Bible teaching in their own groups. But we also believe and appreciate that together we are one flock of Christ; and that the preached Word is relevant for us all, youngsters and adults. So the preaching upcoming Sunday will not be a specific `children’s sermon’. But a sermon wherein we pray that the Spirit through the minister will speak to all ages (and – to people of all cultures). You may pray herein for God’s help and blessing. To help the children listen and be involved, there will be a work-sheet for them and the sermon will be bi-lingual.


Date:3 March 2024
Time:12:30 pm
Location:New Church Delft
Speaker:Jos Slager