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The King’s Table

Sometimes the Dutch king invites people for dinner. Wouldn’t it be a privilege to receive such an invitation? Before Jesus would suffer and die, he reclined at table with his disciples during the Passover meal, which refers to Israel’s deliverance from Egypt. Blood of a lamb would be put on the doorposts. So that the angel of wrath would pass over the house and not kill the first born son. In the end of that Passover meal, Jesus announced that he himself would give his body and blood to redeem and to forgive, to restore into relation with God and to welcome into his Father’s Kingdom, those whom he earlier had invited to believe in him and follow him. Upcoming Sunday we celebrate the Lord’s Supper. And first we read the passage from Matthew’s Gospel wherein we find how Jesus instituted it. You are invited to be there! We are most willing also to help everyone to become a professing believer in and follower of Jesus. What a privilege that God’s Son, the ultimate King, still invites and welcomes at his table, as a remembrance of what He has done for us and as a foretaste of His’ coming Kingdom. We are looking forward to meeting you upcoming Sunday.


Date:17 March 2024
Time:12:30 pm
Location:New Church Delft
Speaker:Jos Slager