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The Big Mystery of Christ: about the secret of diversity in the church

Living together in a country with many cultural differences is not easy. The church is a training place for the nations, and it is precisely there that the uniting power of God’s love is experienced. At least, that’s the intention. Hans Euser, who leads the Intercultural Church Planting Network in the Netherlands, takes a closer look at the why, the what and the how of an intercultural church based on Ephesians 3.

Hans Euser



The call of Samuel is the topic of Treasure Seekers this week.  On Sunday at the service, kids aged 3-7 are welcome at Discoverers, and aged 7-11 are welcome at Explorers.  The Discoverers room is also available for a self-supervised creche as usual.The school summer holidays are coming up.  The ICFD children’s ministry hopes to offer Treasure Seekers for some weeks of the summer.  Details to follow next week!

Lesson Title: Samuel, the ProphetText: 1 Samuel 2:12-18, 22-26, 3:1-4:1aBig Idea: Eli’s sons were wicked and unfit to lead Israel so God revealed himself to Samuel and called him to be a prophet.Aim: To teach that those who lead God’s people must eagerly hear God’s word, obey it and faithfully teach it to others.


Date:2 July 2023
Time:12:30 pm
Location:New Church Delft
Speaker:Hans Euser

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