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Sometimes we may have nightmares. When you wake up, you are happy that  it was a dream and not real. But what if in real life things happen, that normally only seem to happen in nightmares? We may not like to think about this. However, around us we do frequently see things that greatly disturb and shock us. Can you keep your rest and your confidence in such times and circumstances?

Upcoming Sunday we read Isaiah 3 and 4. Isaiah speaks of judgements of God, falling upon his own nation. But amidst of the terrible things which he saw that would come, he encourages the righteous to live by faith. It will be well with him.

Whatever storm may come. You are so welcome to join this Sunday and to learn more!


Date:29 October 2023
Time:12:30 pm
Location:New Church Delft
Speaker:Jos Slager

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