How to be sure of the King’s return?

06 December 2017

The return of the King – how do you know it is true at all? How can we be sure that there is a King who will return to establish … Read more

The King returns, prepare yourself!

29 November 2017

The King returns, prepare yourself! “Therefore, my brothers, be all the more eager to make your calling and election sure. For if you do these things, you will never fall, … Read more

Bible Study

22 November 2017

Bible Study on Thursday Join our Bible Study again this Thursday, December 23, from 20:00-22:00! As usual, we meet in the Old Church (Heilige Geestkerkhof 25, 2611 HP, Delft). Bob Landon will … Read more

Death and After

22 November 2017

Death and After People have always wondered what happens after death. But the honest Christian answer is: we don’t know. Death is a mystery to us. This Sunday, November 26, we … Read more

StudentLife Activities at TU Delft

15 November 2017

StudentLife activities at TU Delft During November there are several StudentLife activities at TU Delft where we invite you to join and take part in! What is it all about? … Read more

Evil in God’s plan?

15 November 2017

Evil in God’s plan? How can you combine the existence of a God who is almighty and merciful with the reality of evil in this world? It’s an old question … Read more

God’s truth about our lives

08 November 2017

Life is full of judgements Most of us have passed assessments and exams in their life. It means that other people judge the results of our efforts and our capacities. … Read more

Bible Study – Book of Jonah

08 November 2017

You are warmly invited to join our Bible study series on the Book of Jonah. When: This week, Thursday 09 November, 20.00 – 22.00 Continuing on: 23 November 07 December Where: The Old Church, Heilige Geestkerkhof 25, … Read more

Family Relationships and Education

01 November 2017

Coming Sunday will be the third service in our series on relationships. Christian parents are sometimes confused or overwhelmed with the responsibility they have to bring up their children in … Read more

Being Single

25 October 2017

Coming Sunday will be the second service in our series on relationships. For many of you, finding a partner is one of the most important life goals. Some are okay … Read more

“God’s direct interaction with people”

18 October 2017

The ICF Delft prayer group will meet on Thursday 19 October from 8-9 PM in the chapel of the Old Church (Heilige Geestkerkhof 25, Delft). You are most welcome to join. The meeting focuses … Read more

Blessing for Children

18 October 2017

What makes us happy? The word ‘blessing’ has a very positive connotation in day-to-day language. A surprising success, a happy encounter or a very positive evaluation… we may call it … Read more


11 October 2017

Sojourner Many of us are sojourners: people who live in a country that is not their home country. Of course it makes a difference if you are here as an … Read more

If your family is in trouble…

04 October 2017

Bible text: Genesis 42 If your family is in trouble… it has great impact on your life: disagreement between brothers or sisters, tensions between children and parents. In the Bible we … Read more

key to life

27 September 2017

Keys are little objects but extremely important in our life. Most probably you have a couple of them in your pocket at least. A key gives you access to your … Read more

Coping with temptation

06 September 2017

Nobody is free of temptation. It can hit us suddenly when we face set backs and disappointments. But it can hit us even more when life goes smoothly and successfully. … Read more

Family issues in God’s plan

30 August 2017

In the ICF-Delft church service coming Sunday we meet a family with a lot of issues: gossiping, favoritism, jealousy, hate, revenge and even murder. What happens in this family could … Read more


16 August 2017

Guidance is essential in finding direction in life. But we need to discern who is a reliable director and counselor, who is trustworthy enough to show us the way. And … Read more